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The Gathering of Tribes was created to serve and support Indigenous members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world. We created the concept of regional “Gathering” events to provide meaningful connections and faith-promoting experiences for Church members.  These events establish virtual and physical spaces for Church members to join together, share their beliefs and practices, and advocate for increased recognition and inclusion of Indigenous peoples and cultures within the worldwide Church.


The Gathering of Tribes Foundation is led by Cindy Quinney/Red Stone Woman (Onion Lake Cree) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Shane Manning (Mvskoke Creek) of Gilbert, Arizona, USA; and Amber Irwin of Akron, Ohio, USA.  Each regional Gathering event is also coordinated by local committee members, including Church leaders, and supported by many local volunteers.


Cindy Quinney

Executive Director

Onion Lake Cree


Shane Manning

Director of Operations

Mvskoke Creek


Amber Irwin

Creative Director


The Gathering of Tribes organization was created with the needs of Native American/First Nations/Indigenous peoples in mind.  Currently, our focus remains on the Indigenous peoples of North America, as historically underserved communities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  Those who identify as Indigenous across the globe, especially any who seek ways to integrate their traditional beliefs with their faith in Jesus Christ, are also among our beneficiaries, including the Indigenous people of Central and South America, the Pacific Islands, Oceania, and Aotearoa.  Additionally, we welcome all who respect our traditions and our faith, including allies, to participate in our programs.


Building on the Church’s tradition of local, regional, and general conferences, Gathering of Tribes’s primary function is the organization of regional Gathering events, which are designed to promote connection among our peoples, affirm both faith in Jesus Christ and Indigenous identity, and facilitate healing within our communities.  Since 2022, Gathering events have been approved by area authorities of the Church and held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (September 2022); Mesa, Arizona, USA (March 2023); South Jordan, Utah, USA (August 2023); and Cardston, Alberta, Canada (September 2023).  Additional events have been approved for 2024 in Alberta, Arizona, and Utah. 

In addition to our conferences, Gathering of Tribes organizes World Temple Days for our participants.  The first of these was held on Saturday, November 18, 2023.  Members across the world gathered at local temples to honor their ancestors and worship their Creator, sharing their experiences with one another through our website and social media channels. Our next temple day is scheduled for January 20, 2024.

In January 2024 Gathering of Tribes launched a weekly Come Follow Me podcast focused on the Church’s 2024 Book of Mormon curriculum.  This program is hosted by Rachel Crouse (Hopi) and Chuck Kaye (Hopi) and features guest presenters representing many different Indigenous groups across North America and the world and highlights their unique perspectives on the teachings and prophecies of the Book of Mormon. 

More programs to support our beneficiaries are also in development. 


Each two-day Gathering of Tribes event incorporates specific elements chosen to deepen connection to Jesus Christ while respecting and affirming Indigenous identity and knowledge.  These include individual and group prayer; temple worship and a visit to the sacred grounds with a group photograph in traditional clothing and/or regalia; a social powwow/healing dance with traditional music and dancing; invited speakers and workshop presenters; children’s and youth activities; and a group testimony meeting and concluding fireside.  Some elements are live-streamed for participants who cannot attend in person.  Refreshments and meals are provided.

Gathering our people for these events is one way to heed the call of Church President Russell M. Nelson to engage in the biblical concept of “gathering Israel on both sides of the veil” – meaning the living as well as those in the spirit realm. Our Gatherings include our contemporary people and our ancestors.  A “Gathering of Tribes” encompasses both tribal nations and the tribes of God’s people.  We do this work to promote unity in the Church through education, acceptance, unity, and love. 

Volunteer speakers and workshop leaders are prayerfully chosen by committee members and invited to speak on a gospel topic relevant to the conference.  These speakers are approved by their ecclesiastical leaders before being added to the program.  Traditional drumming/singing groups are invited from the area and are paid for their services at the social powwow.  The powwow dance coordinator/emcee is typically a local community leader who volunteers their service.  Indigenous event photographers and videographers also donate their time and talents at Gatherings to help us document our events and preserve memories. 

Volunteers from local Church congregations assist with security; check-in and registration; childcare and children’s activities; accessibility accommodations; technology; setup and cleanup; meal planning, preparation, and serving; first aid; and missionary efforts. 


Gathering of Tribes events has many distinct goals that each seek to promote the wellness and connectedness of Native peoples.  Gatherings are designed to help build the community of believers by fortifying gospel principles and traditional values among Indigenous Saints; to respond to President Russell M. Nelson’s call for Saints to “gather Israel on both sides of the veil”; to cultivate spirituality, testimony, and relationship with Jesus Christ; to strengthen Indigenous identity and build relationships and among leaders and attendees; to form close connections among members; strengthen our youth; and remember our purpose on earth.

In addition to these objectives, we work to educate non-Indigenous Church members and leaders about Native traditions, wisdom, and experiences to increase understanding and acceptance among different cultures within the Church.  We welcome non-Indigenous participants who come with an open mind and who are willing to learn from our elders and community leaders.  We hope that through these Gatherings and shared experiences, we can all be “edified and rejoice together” (Doctrine and Covenants 50:22).


We thank you for learning more about the Gathering of Tribes and the goals of our organization.  We couldn’t do this work without you: our committee members, Church leaders, speakers, teachers, storytellers; each attendee, every volunteer; our elders and our young ones; those who invite friends, spread the word, share details, post online, volunteer to help in advance or step in when they see a need; our relatives who travel from afar to gather with us, and those who open their homes to travelers; all who pray for us and share their testimonies and experiences.  We are so grateful for our community.

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